Estonia. EP

by Panda Cafe

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released May 20, 2012

James Cunningham- Vocals/guitar
Brad Wood- Bass guitar
Leo Riquelme- Drums/percussion

"Panda Cafe (2011 - Present)
Panda Cafe are an indie-rock/post-punk band formed in Savannah, Georgia, United States in 2011. The lineup consists of Brad Wood, Leo Riquelme and James Cunningham.
In May 2012, they released their highy-anticipated E.P ‘Estonia.’ Recording for their debut album is set for 2013.
Influenced by fellow rockers Interpol, Arctic Monkeys, The Doors and The Strokes."-08945


"This week we had a Q&A session with Savannah rockers Panda Cafe about what it’s like being in a band trying to make it in the music industry;"

Where did the band name come from and who chose it?

Brad:Hahaha the band name, It’s very unique. Leo would know more about where it came from, He is the one who came up with it. Jazzy isn’t it?

Leo: It just popped into my mind after I got bored of looking through the dictionary for words. I thought it sounded cool and it stuck.

James: I don’t like it but it’ll grow on me I guess.

Who has been the band’s biggest influence?

Leo:We all have our own certain influences but as a band as a whole we’re influenced by The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Animals As Leaders and Mission of Burma

Where did you expect to be in five years?

Brad: I plan to stay with the band as long as possible. I enjoy making music with these lads and were pretty God damn good at it. I do have another band in Enterprise, Alabama called The Circle I’ve been with for a few years, we’re kicking off this summer with an EP. We haven’t discussed a name yet but it is sure to be great!

If you could go back to any decade and play as Panda Cafe, which would you choose?

Brad: If I could go back to any decade and play as Panda Cafe I’d choose the 90s, now don’t get me wrong im a HUGE 60s fan but to uprise along bands like The Strokes, Interpol and The Libertines, well that would be something else. Our music would be so new to that decade unlike today where there’s thousands of Post-Rock and Indie bands, But I believe our sound is still unique for today’s period.

Do any members of the band have weird habits that annoy the rest of the band?

James: Leo always has a bulge in his pants and HATES it when we touch his hair. We always pick on him for it. But nothing too serious I suppose.
-Panda Cafe and 08945




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Panda Cafe Savannah, Georgia

We are an indie-rock band from Savannah, GA. We love what we do and want to bring good music to good people. Our influences: The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Mission of Burma, Dinosaur Jr, Maps & Atlases, The Mars Volta, Explosions In The Sky, This Town Needs Guns, Tera Melos and many more

Panda Cafe is:
Brad Wood- Bass
James Cunningham- Guitar/Vocals
Leo Riquelme- Drums and percussion
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